Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Charge Studio

Charge Studio | 31MBcharge Studio software for editing is intended for users who often work to crte a gallery, convert , split into several parts of the , merge multiple files into one, add watermark on the or .
In addition charge Studio can edit without re-encoding. It supports all formats that exist and can edit or VOB files. This allows you to work through the command line interpreter, extract frames from , crte thumbnails for and set metadata. This appliion supports batch processing for editing many files, it can process all files in one folder, blurs some ars on the frame and remove the watermark from the .
Main Ftures:Convert audio strm parameters.Convert file format.Edit without re-encoding.Change the file format without re-encoding. For example, a quick way to crte FLV from MKV files.Edit files of all major formats, including and VOB file.Set the metadata for files. You can set metadata without re-encoding.Convert files and make thumbnails.Avoid changing the audio or when converting.Set the file name and directory for files crted using a template.Crte high-quality .Extract frames from file and saved as an .Crte a thumbnail for files Crte a clip and some thumbnailBatch processing.Watermark Ftures:
Set color of a text watermark.Apply a watermark effect: shadow effect, embossment, skew, scale, and so forth.Add subtitles from SRT file directly to the file.Add watermark on the base of Animations of GIF s. Set smooth watermark apprance/disapprance (Fade In/Fade Out).Set watermark background.Move a watermark throughout the frame while playing.and much more ... Editing:
CropRemove watermark from Set aspect ratio for files.Resize or using different aorithm: Bilinr, Bicubic, Lanczos3, Lanczos8.Blur some parts of the or . In addition, you can blur moving elements in , too.Apply filters to make a better picture, including the auto-contrast, auto-levels of sharpness,, blur and so on. Editing:
Join several files into a single one.Join several graphic files into a single file.Cut scenes out of the file.Embed titles or a simple to the file.Audio Editingand much more ...
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