Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Drmingsoft 123 Flash.Menu v4.3.0.1700

Drmingsoft 123 Flash Menu is an excellent tool to crte impressive and professional menu just in 3 steps. Appliion provides multi-level Flash menu with fully customizable text, font, link, background, border style, shadow and other effects model. Drmingsoft 123 Flash Menu provides the user guide for crting menus in just three simple steps: Select a template, template modifiion, publiion. This appliion allows to crte dynamic effects (animation, sound, transparency), with this appliion user does not require knowledge of programming. Hundreds of standard templates allows to immediately crte a good menu. Publish Wizard helps to erate a complete HTML . Flash-menus will work when you look in various browsers.
FTURES:Hundreds of model templatesMenu items can be customized, including font name, size, color and positionCrte multi-language menuFlash menu can be configured through an external XML fileSupport multiple menus on one web pageAutomatic previewAutomatically recalculate sizesSupport fontsSupports all popular web browsersMenu items may appr when the mouse click or hoverSound supporterate HTML for web page automatically with the function of issuingChange the dynamic templateCrting customized templateSupport the use of advanced scripts in URL fieldSupport view and copy the HTML Support pictureVarious effects, like animations, gradients and transparentMenu items may appr above or belowCrte single menu file to more sily maintainSupport frameSupport both horizontal and vertical forceHorizontal bar automatically fit the width of the Flash limitCustomizable menu, including Color, Size and Emboss styleSupport menu shadowSupport fading effectSupport multi-level menuSupport Flash compressionA build-in web browser to help you test Flash menu silyLink Mediafire Warehouse Software | Free Software Downloads | Full Version

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