Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Autorun ter 2.6

Autorun ter 2.6 | 1.39MBAutorun ter is a tool to prevent malware from ever-incrsing attacks by using autorun.inf. This is a method to infect your system via flash drive, removable hard or other storage device. When a device is infected with malware and an autorun.inf file is placed, usually the shell menu is modified to execute the malware whenever the unsuspecting user to access the infected drive.
Autorun ter will warn and remove suspicious autorun.inf file so that the malware is executed when accessing an infected drive. In addition it will work to remove autorun.inf are still left behind on a drive that usually causes the drive can not be accessed by double clicking so you can access the drive back to normal.
Ftures:Prevent malware infection through removable storage devices (pendrives, portable hard , etc.)Deleted suspicious autorun.inf file (s) auto-backup'edEvent log for future referencePause at any timeFix 3 critical normal change made ​​by malAutorun ter monitor all drives (except for A:, B:, and / drive) in rl time!
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