Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Xara Web Designer MX Premium v8.1.2.23228

Xara Web Designer MX Premium v8.1.2.23228 | 38.4MBXara Web Designer is a web-based solution template editor, with Xara you do not need programming skills in HTML. Xara Web Designer is a traditional web authoring tool, is designed to crte text layout, and graphics capabilities. You have complete freedom to include anything such as text, graphics and photos.As Web Designer you have the freedom to design using drag and drop to put anything else on the page. In addition you can crte text with curved edges, text or graphics at an angle, and text flow around objects. You can customize any of the templates or crte their own graphics.
more details visit:http://www.xara.com/us/products/webdesigner/ftures/
Xara Web Designer MX Premium
Xara Web Designer MX Premium
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