Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WIDI Music Recognition System Pro 3.3.2 Build 588

WAVE to MIDI, to MIDI, to MID: recorded music can be converted into value! Maybe you have a particular sound file (wave or files) you want to transfer to 7650 or other mobile phone via infrared, because the file size is too large. Now you can use WIDI to reduce the size. WIDI is designed to automate the copying of music. That mns that the task of taking music score from audio record, which is usually achieved by the hard work of a professional musician, will soon be solved by computers.
You can take your favorite audio record and convert it into notes. WIDI allows both monophonic and polyphonic conversion. You can even record your own voice and then convert it into score! Then you can change it in any way, print, rssign instruments, cut off some notes, add new, etc. with your favorite MIDI Editor (such as Cakewalk).
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