Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WebSmartz Flash Design Studio Portable

WebSmartz Flash Design Studio Portable | 38.5MBFlash Design Studio is a software to build stunning flash intro like Banner, Menu, Animation , Slideshows and buttons in just a few minutes with predesigned templates are provided so you can sily to adjust when used for text, transitions, backgrounds, graphics, sound, effects and much more. With this you do not need to have knowledge of flash programming to crte a butiful effect.
Flash Banner Ftures:Professionally designed banner templates
Provide a banner that has been professionally designed to let users sily crte amazing banners.Banner Size and Background
Users can choose from a set of 17 banner size options available or design banner of specific size as required. In addition, you can also form the background like Rectangle, Round Rectangle, Ellipse, Diamond, , Octagon, Star and Semi circle.Add Text to design banner
Add text to a banner with a wide selection of fonts and sizes. You can also add color to the text to make it stand out. Users can give effect to the text with an option curved Arc Text. Users can access the character map that shows the characters for the font and enter them in the banner.Banner Rotator
Display a banner in a specific pattern on a web page. The user can mention the URL of where he wanted visitors to be redirected click on a particular .Import animations in the background
In addition to background static banners in JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF format. Users can import background animated banner in SWF format.Transition effect
You can add transition effects to go, stay and exit to ch object banner. Selections can be made more than 100 transitions and effects can be applied to elements of banners in seconds.Publish banner in 14 formats
This appliion allows users to publish banner in Dynamic format, SWF, HTML, GIF and AVI and static formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF and GIF so users can sily upload online. Users can also output in a transparent GIF, PNG, HTML, and SWF.FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
This appliion allows users to upload via FTP banner. Users can enter details of the FTP site and use it again as well.Send as Email
You can sily share a banner that is designed to friends, family or peoplnd much more ...Flash Button Ftures:Flash button
Providing professional template design to crte the extraordinary.Custom button size and Background
Users can choose from four standard sizes or crte the custom size button as needed. This appliion also allows users to establish the background like Rectangle, Round Rectangle, Ellipse, Diamond, , Octagon, Star and Semi circle.sy to personalize the text
You can add text to the selection of multiple fonts, colors, effects and msures to make it stand out.Animation effects
More than 100 transition effects for objects with a single button click. You can set the time for different transition effects.Filter
Special effects filters such as Grey Scale, Invert, Sharpen, Edge and water can be applied to ch element of the button.Effect
You can apply a Shadow, Outline, Emboss, Blur effect to make it look attractive. you can also add the element of transparency effects or Flip vertically or horizontally. With the Flip, you can experiment with your crtivity and design a unique .and much more ...Flash Text Effect Ftures:sy to Personalize Text
Add text, choose from a wide selection of fonts and sizes. Also add color and effects to your text to make it stand out.Time setting for effects
Set the time for different transition effects. A variety of animation effects have been provided including text effects, text effects and text effects out lives.Filter
Special effects filters such as Grey Scale, Invert, Sharpen, Edge and water can be applied to text.Coloring Options
Various options for adding text colors, the color picker or color palette. 5 different color palettes such as Standard, SD, Pastel, and Metallic has provided the option to add color to selected text element. Color Picker tool allows the user to select a color from the screen and apply it to ch element of the selected text.Flash Menu Ftures:Add Text Menu Design
Add text to the menu. Provide a variety of font and size selection. Also, users can add color to the text to stand out.Library background
You can choose the menu background from a wide source of 100+ background.Layout menu
You can choose a set menu stacking straightened or leveled off.Menu Button background import
You can import the menu button background from the system.and much more ... Flash Slideshows Ftures:Add s to the slideshow
You can add s to the slideshow.Add Sound to Slideshow
You can add sound to a slide show from the sound library provided.Layer
With Layers, you can see all the objects used in a slide show in the layer panel and select the object or set of objects by moving them.Multiple Canvas
enables users to open multiple slideshows in a separate tab. Users can work on several projects simultaneously slideshow.And much more ...Flash Intro Ftures:Professionally designed intro templates
Professionally designed templates provide more attractive as a first step to crting an incredible intro.The symbol library
More than 4000 symbols in 37 different egories, serving a variety of sectors such as communiions, hlth sector, eduional institutions, financial sector, food and drink and much more.Pre-defined preloaders for loading intro
Provides a set of predefined preloaders so intro can be displayed in minimum time.View Options
With a better view; rulers, grids and zooming options have been provided.and much more ...
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