Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Visual Paradigm for UML 8.0 Enterprise Edition (MacOSX)

Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) is a design tool UML and UML CASE tool specifically designed to assist software development. VP-UML supports industry standards such as Unified Modeling Language (UML), SysML, BPMN, XMI, etc. The tm offers a complete software development toolset needs to capture requirements, software design, test planning, model classes, modeling data, etc.
UML Modeling
- Software design with UML
- UML profile support
- Design pattern support

Use Case Modeling
- Draw use case diagrams
- Write flow of events
- Setup testing cases

Report eration
- PDF, HTML and MS Word
- Fully customizable
- Publish to Web

Engineering- Java to sequence diagram
- Java round-trip
- C++ round-trip
Visual Paradigm.Part1Visual Paradigm.Part2
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