Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Twk 7 v1.0 build 1100 (x86/x64)

Twk 7 is a utility that runs on machine 7, which is useful to optimize the system. Twk 7 does not differ from other utilities that have the same ability to optimize system performance, such as: Registry Clner, Defragment, Optimize your CPU, Optimize memory management and memory usage and much more.
Cln your registry with Registry Clner and Registry Defragmentation integratedDisplay detailed 3D system informationCln up your hard drive and delete unnecessary files to get back the remaining hard drive space for storing hundreds of GB.Optimize memory management and memory usageImprove your internet connection by a few mouse clicksOptimize your CPU with special CPU twksTwk your network with network speed-up settingsManage system updates, remove update backups, remove old system restore pointsTransfer your twks and settings to other machines running 7 and Twk-7MediafireTwk 7 v1.0 build 1100 x86Twk 7 v1.0 build 1100 x64

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