Tuesday, May 24, 2016

System Optimize Expert

System Optimize Expert | 3.81MBSystem Optimize Expert is a software expert in the scan, cln, and optimize your system. It keeps you away from the hassle of constant system crashes resulting in a sluggish system performance. In addition it is also sophistied in protecting personal information and privacy by clning IE history, recent history of the doc, find, and srch history periodically. System Optimize Expert works with a distinguished manner. It offers users to choose in doing things automatically and you can make your own scan and cure time schedule.
With a personal mode is set, it will scan and help solve all the problems one by one. Purge invalid registry entries to improve PC performance, a clr history of Web surfing, cln junk files to relse more space, fix and optimize your system configuration.
System Optimize Expert is Specialized in:Overall scan & fix
Optimize scanning system is reliable, providing a PC with a full-scale protection with fixing all the errors invalid registry entries, system problems and so on.Improve the system
Acting as personal physician to optimize the system, offers diagnosis and trtment professionals to ensure the system is stable and smooth and keep it at pk performance.Automatic protection
Enable Auto Scan and Sweep in addition you can also set a schedule when to optimize the system. So you can enjoy rl-time protection without difficulty.and much more ...
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