Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Syngress: Proofing Your Web Appliions

Syngress: Proofing Your Web Appliions
ISBN: 1-928994-31-8 | 2001 | 625 Pages | 7.16MB Proofing Your Web Appliions is a book written for appliion development to assist in establishing programs that are less vulnerable and webmaster who writes for use on web sites. These include Java, XML, ColdFusion, and other database appliions. The book is very focused on ching the s when they enter the site and show how a programmer to design a strict to prevent s.
Table of Contents:Chapter 1: Methodology
Chapter 2:How to Avoid Becoming a " Grinder"
Chapter 3:Understanding the Risks Associated with Mobile
Chapter 4:Vulnerable CGI Scripts
Chapter 5: Techniques and Tools
Chapter 6: Auditing and Reverse Engineering
Chapter 7:Securing Your Java
Chapter 8:Securing XML
Chapter 9:Building Safe ActiveX Internet Controls
Chapter 10:Securing ColdFusion
Chapter 11:Developing Security-Enabled Appliions
Chapter 12:Cradle to Grave: Working with a Security Plan

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