Tuesday, May 24, 2016

RWIN v9.0.11.1109

RWin is a software to -, -and / or Blu-ray-writer with a new and modern interface that offers the most functionality quickly and clrly arranged. The software is idl for ing package for beginners and professionals. RWin is equipped with state-of-the-art technology delivers quality that has made ​​its predecessor so successful: reliability, speed, comprehensive functionality.
Highlights: RWIN 8 is concentrated and proven ing power for your -, - and / or Blu-ray-writer.Direct copy of data-s/s (incl. computer games) and audio-s.ing and crtion of ISO-, BIN- and XMD-s as well as Cue-FilesAuthoring of Orange Book-compatible data-s (-ROM, -ROM/XA) as well as data-s and Blu-ray discs. Also suitable for crtion of - and h.264/MPEG-4-s/ s & Blu-ray discs.Automatic setting of the platform-overlapping ISO 9660-file system and the Joliet file system for display of long file names and complex directory structures.Authoring of Red Book-compatible audio-s (-DA) in Disc-at-Once-mode with manually adjustable track brks and -Text.Support of Disc at Once (very important e.g. for standard-compliant crtion of audio-s and when copying from s/s), Track at Once (important in case data-s are to be extended retroactively) and Session at Once (-extra).Ripping of audio-s in /WMA or WAV.Supports the rding of -Text, freedb.org and the manual input of title information freedb-data can be edited and are stored locally in a cache Fast or complete deletion of re-writable media Caching system for optimization of system configuration and guarantee of safe ing procedure.Support of all known blank sizes from 21 to 99 minutes length, -R, -RW, R, -R, RW, -RW, DL, -RAM, BD-R and BD-RW. Overing of -Rs is also possible.Support of various techniques for buffer underrun protection, e.g. Proof.Supports ATAPI-, SCSI-, SATA-, Firewire- and USB-drives
Includes an ASPI driver for
Incl. ATIP and ADIP-display
Incl. sector viewer of discs
Support for Drag & DropSystem requirements:
XP(SP2)/Vista/7 (32- and 64 bit)
//Blu-ray compatible
512MB RAM, 1 GB RAM recommended
Pentium processor
An -c cannot be supplied for licence rsons and has alrdy to be installed on the system. Supported are the -cs of the Media Player 10/11/12 and the freeware LAME (lame_enc.dll).

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