Tuesday, May 24, 2016

RlVNC Enterprise 5.0.0

RlVNC Enterprise 5.0.0 | 6.84MBRlVNC is a tool to connect the server and client for Virtual Network Computing protocol (VNC). You can control the screen of another computer remotely. RlVNC runs on , Mac OS X (Enterprise edition only), and many Unix-like operating systems (Free & Enterprise editions only). There are also a RlVNC client which runs on the Java platform. There is a beta version of the Enterprise edition for Pocket PC and 'VNC-over-HTTP' tunneling for and Linux.
VNC also support for mobile users, both within the company and also to provide remote access at home, or on the road. This system allows to connect to the same desktop, providing an invaluable tool for working together in the workplace or classroom.
more details visit: http://www.rlvnc.com
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