Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PixelPlanet PdfEditor Portable

PixelPlanet PdfEditor Portable | 28.5MBPixelPlanet PdfEditor is software that helps you to directly edit text documents, s in the PDF. You can delete and add pages to PDF documents. PixelPlanet PdfEditorvery simple and sy to use for new users or beginners.
Ftures:Edit PDF documents directly and the result is displayed directly on the preview page.Edit text directly in the document, change the font type, size, color, format, scale and effect, move, delete, rotate, copy and paste, group, anchors, and mirror align text, s, and the road, change the page order.Drag & Drop supportCancel the action when editing the PDF documentEditing a tab or window object through individual toolsRuler function to align objects with grid
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