Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Focus Photoeditor

Focus Photoeditor | 37.8MBFocus Photoeditor is editor that is sy to use and powerful, it can enhance and improve all types of digital photos, home and . You can acquire digital s from file, from another appliion, or with the help of a scanner or digital camera and start working.
Try a different function auto repair and fix your photos in seconds. With its ability to many regulations, which enhance the apprance of the , without losing any quality, focus can be used as a powerful and professional tool by both beginners and advanced photographers.
Ftures:Supports more than 100 digital camera RAW formatsUses High Quality photo correction aorithmsAdded correction of s that alrdy exist and some improvementsAdded "Auto Crop"Added correction Automatic and Manual "Dynamic Range"Added support for new camerasImproved "Quick Fix" correctionImproved interfaceProvides many options for saving and exporting filesIt offers lots of extras, such as web-album builderLoad quicklyFtures grt control over precise editingand much more ...more details visit:http://www.focusphotoeditor.com/

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