Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Focus Photoeditor 6.3.9

Focus Photoeditor 6.3.9 | 36.8MBFocus Photoeditor is a powerful tool, sy to use as a photo editor, which can be used to upgrade and repair all types of digital s and to produce graphics for web, home and . You can acquire digital s from files, other appliions, with the help of a scanner or digital camera to start working. With the incrse of different automatic functions and correct your photos in seconds. With so many regulations ry capabilities, which enhance the apprance of s, without losing any quality, focus can be used as a powerful and professional tool by beginners and advanced photographers.
Main Ftures:Loads fast, letting you immediately start to edit your picturesSupports over 100 digital camera RAW formatsUsing High Quality aorithm in correcting photos, which are also finely tunedSupports powerful ways of crting Selections and has separate undo history for themImproved interfaceFtures grt control over precise editingAdded support for newest camerasAdded some photo corrections and improved existing onesAdded "Auto Crop"Added Automatic and Manual "Dynamic Range" CorrectionImproved speed of several editing and displaying operationsYou can ask for the best set of Automatic Photo CorrectionsHas a very sy to use Batch Processor with undo capabilitiesImproved other ftures moreOffers many extras, like a web-album builderand much more ...
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