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Exposed Networks

Exposed Networks
English | 648 Pages |ISBN: 0072259175 | PDF | 9.81Mb Exposed Networks shows you step by step, how s target open systems, gain access and stl network is compromised. Any special security issues and network-based devices are covered with concrete examples, in-depth case studies, and detailed countermsures. It's all here, from the vulnerability of switches, routers, firewalls, wireless and VPN to Layer 2 man-in-the-middle, VLAN jumping, BGP, DoS, and DDoS attacks. You will lrn how to prevent the new flaws in -centered networks are discovered and abused by cyber criminals. In addition, you'll get undocumented commands, security evaluation templates, and security tools are vital.
Use the tried-and-true Exposed methodology to find, , and plug security holes in devices andnetworks.Loe vulnerable networks using Google and BGP queries, wardialing, fuzzing, host fingerprinting, andportscanningAbuse failover protocols, punch holes in firewalls, and brk into VPN tunnelsUse blackbox testing to uncover data input errors, hidden backdoors, HTTP, and SNMP vulnerabilitiesGain network access using and SNMP community guessing, Telnet session hijacking, and srching foropen TFTP serversFind out how IOS s are written and if a router can be used as an attack platformBlock determined DoS and DDoS attacks using proprietary safeguards, CAR, and NBARPrevent secret , snky data link attacks, routing protocol s, and malicious physical access

Table of content Exposed Networks
Part I - FoundationsChapter 1: Network Design Models and Security OverviewChapter 2: Network Security ElementsChapter 3: Rl-World Security Issues
Part II - "I Am Enabled" - the BoxChapter 4: Profiling and Enumerating NetworksChapter 5: Enumerating and Fingerprinting DevicesChapter 6: Getting In from the Outside - Dd syChapter 7: Devices - The Intermediate PathChapter 8: IOS ation - The Proper WayChapter 9: Secret , Social Engineering, and Malicious Physical AccessChapter 10: ing and Preserving AccessChapter 11: Denial of Service Attacks Against Devices
Part III - Protocol ation in Networking EnvironmentsChapter 12: Spanning Tree, VLANs, P-LP, and PChapter 13: HSRP, GRE, Firewalls, and VPN PenetrationChapter 14: Routing Protocols ation
Part IV - AppendixesAppendix A: Network Appliance Security Testing TemplateAppendix B: Lab Router Interactive Auto Secure Configuration ExampleAppendix C: Undocumented Commands
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