Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Blumentals Rapid P 2011 v11.3.0.132 Multilingual

Blumentals Rapid P 2011 v11.3.0.132 Multilingual| 8.19MBBlumentals RapidPeditorisa powerful,quickand sophistiedPfor editing.Convenient fturllowsyouto instantlycrte andeditnotonlyP,butalsoHTML,XHTML,CSSandJavaScript ,whileintegrated toolsallowyouto silydebug,validate,reuse,navigatnd formatyour.Whether you are aprofessionaldeveloperorpureenthusiast,withRapidPyoucan workfaster,save timndincrseproductivity.RapidPEditorincludesfull-scaleHTML,CSSandJavaScripteditors.Now youcanaccomplish more witha single tool.
Ftures:Speed loads very quicklySophistied, fully customizable and familiar text editorSyntax highlighting for P, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WML, XML and SQLDukungan UTF-8 Uniy to navigate the with ExplorerLookup P function parameters with Function HintsLookup functions, variables and properties with Auto CompleteDebug P with xdebugValidate P with Syntax CheckBuilt-in web server for sy P previewIntegration with P, HTML and CSSSave and open files directly from FTPSQL database connectivity (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase) snippet libraryAdvanced JavaScript editing with built-in JavaScript editorAdvanced CSS editing with built-in CSS editorAdvanced HTML editing with Auto Complete, Inspector and other toolsand much more ...more details visit:http://www.blumentals.net/

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