Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Banner Designer Pro

Banner Designer Pro | 43.3MBBanner Designer Pro is a software to crte a banner that is able to crte a butiful banner designs with effective and powerful ftures. In addition you can also crte Flash banners with this tool you do not need to be experts in flash programming to use this tool. The interface is simple and the various elements in the software flash banner to help someone make an attractive banner in no time. Users get the flexibility to get the output in a format such as HTML, GIF, JPEG, SWF, etc...
Ftures:Banner RotatorWith the help of banner rotator functions, some of the banners displayed in a specific pattern on a web page. You can sily mention the URL of your choice where you want visitors to be directed when a particular is clicked by him. Users can take a javascript that was crted by a banner ad rotator.Character mapping and text ArcThis is useful to give a curved effect to any text. This can be done with the help of Arc text ftures available in this tool.Add s to the 'Content with ' ftureIn ch selected object, you can add s of your choice. In addition, you can fill symbols, text and shapes as well.Shapes for backgroundWith this tool, you can use any shape for the background such as the Round Rectangle, Ellipse, Diamond, , Rectangle, Octagon, Star and Semi circle.FilterTo get the effect like Invert, Gray Scale, Water, and Edge Sharpen to be applied to shapes, text, s or symbols, the choice of filter has been provided.Color pickerYou can pick any color from any object that is present on screen and then apply it on objects on the banner with the help of Color Picker tool.Site Banner Upload File Transfer ProtocolYou can upload your banner to the site of various file transfer protocols. By entering the details from FTP sites, use them again as well as possible.Save your design as a templateYou can save designs for future use as a template. When you save your pattern as a template, they will be stored in the library. It certainly makes it sy for you to access and use your crtion, at a later date.Send your design as attachmentYou can send your banner design to others via email as an attachment.Flip your banner elementsYou can make a flip banner with vertical or horizontal elements. In addition you can also make a flip to the text, s, or symbols.
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