Tuesday, May 24, 2016

AusLogics BoostSpeed Final +

AusLogics BoostSpeed Final + | 12.2MBAuslogics BoostSpeed ​​is a popular tools to accelerate the work of , programs and Internet connection. Improve memory, speed up loading of , incrse the speed of , The Bat, FireFox, Opera, Skype, registry and of the PC. This program connects to the current Auslogics Defrag, and a set of tools for a new PC today. Upon defragmenting the registry BoostSpeed​​, computer speed will incrse with the reduction of fragmentation of the registry files, reduce errors, but also because of damage from registry errors.
Ftures:Clning the computer from junk filesClning the registry errors and unnecessary entriesDefragmenting the hard driveAcceleration and optimization of Internet connectionDefragmenting the registry to incrse productivityFind and delete duplie filesManaging the installed programs and remove themSecurely delete files and folders from your computerClr browser history, programs and remove tracesDefragmenting and clning of your computer's memoryConfiguring System Services on your systemManaging the list of programs at startupGet detailed information about your systemView running processes with detailed information about ch processQuick access to built-in tools and much more ...
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